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Life coaching

Counseling Services

Freedom Counseling

We are so honored to partner with Freedom Counseling here at Destination Wellness. Need help to achieve your goals in life? Kelley is here to help! Click the link below to request an appointment.


Licensed therapists offer convenient therapeutic services from diagnosis, treatment plans, counseling and interventions, to specialized services including EMDR, and other trauma-informed care.

Life Coaching

Whether you need assistance with determining your goals, staying accountable, and achieving things that you have always wanted to do, or are experiencing an interpersonal struggle but don’t need a diagnosis or treatment, we are here to help you meet your goals with life coaching.

Non-profit Consulting

With 20+ years of experience in non-profit programming & program management, we have the tools to assist you in strategic planning, grant writing, and policy making. Let us help to launch your business/non-profit to the next level.

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