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Sarah Preston

TRX Instructor

My Story

Working out and eating right has been a passion of mine since I quit cigarettes and alcohol in 2009. The gym is a lot like a bar without the negative side effects, you get to socialize, encouragement but instead of drink it’s lift, feel like puking, and can barely walk when you leave. I just love the positivity and making changes, even small ones, to keep feeling and looking better. I’ve met so many strong and beautiful women that I wouldn’t have met if I kept going how I was going. I can still go to the bar and you’d never notice I was sober, I am a little on the weird side🤪. 


I joined the Army Reserve in 2013 at age 30 and so my job requires I stay in shape. Also it feels great to be able to keep up with or even out lift the younger generation. 


TRX - Total Resistance Exercise is a low impact total body workout. I love how you can change the angle slightly to make it harder but don’t feel overly exhausted. Using stabilizing muscles and slow movements gives you the same benefit as high reps/high weights while significantly reducing the risk of injury to joints or muscle. It’s perfect for all levels and ages.

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