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Beth Bobinski, RN BSN

Owner & Group Fitness Instructor

My Story

Today in the United States we operate on the sick care system, NOT the healthcare system. We wait until we become ill before ‘the system’ kicks into action. As a RN with a bachelors in health and sciences I encounter the disastrous outcomes of this model on a daily basis. We are over diagnosed, prescribed, over fed, worked and stressed. We are bombarded with gimmicks and quick fixes in our daily lives that result in poor outcomes and are only beneficial to the man.

It is my belief we need more health care, we need WELLNESS! We need movement, laughter, community, mentors, friendships, natural remedies and we need to be armed with the correct tools and education on nutrition & disease.


With that being said…

I would like to formally announce that with the collaboration of multiple beautiful souls, I welcome you to DESTINATION WELLNESS OF LICKING COUNTY. Licking county's women’s fitness & wellness center. A space undiscovered until now, a one stop shop. An exclusive sanctuary full of encouragement, safety and support for TRUE holistic health. We will be offering dance classes for youth and adults, group fitness classes including and not limited to;

REFIT, bungee, step, dance fitness, yoga, mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, barre’, personal training sessions, private yoga sessions, Yoga for youth, natural nails mani/pedi services, spray tanning services, tanning, infrared sauna, red light therapy, Botox, fillers, peels, microneedling, & custom-made specialty jewelry retail. Along with nearly monthly workshops on topics such as domestic abuse awareness and self-defense, our women in history and what we can do now to make an impact on our community, a yearly 5k to raise money for school supplies for the underprivileged youth of Licking county, education on cancers, diabetes, and healthy cooking workshops on site!

I promise to the women of our society a clean, safe, comfortable environment where we practice what we preach. A true DESTINATION OF WELLNESS.

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