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Kieleah Workman

Cardio Drumming Instructor

My Story

Hi my name is Kieleah Workman, I am married and have two beautiful kids. I have been working in the fitness industry for 8 plus years now. I originally struggled with self confidence, self love, and feeling comfortable in my own skin and then along came nutrition and fitness.

I started going to cardio drumming classes along with other group fitness classes and absolutely fell in love with how I felt and the community . I am now a poundfit instructor and I teach cardio drumming as well. I am also currently doing on line classes to become a personal trainer in fitness and nutrition.


My confidence in myself and the love I have grown for myself over the passed 8 years is something every woman should experience. My ultimate goal as an individual is to make a huge impact in people’s lives, not just physically but mentally. I want to help woman find self love and inner peace. I want woman to learn they have a beautiful purpose and it’s NOT just to be a “mom” or a “wife". Your purpose is to follow your dreams make a difference with confidence, compassion and love , that starts with taking care of yourself and your body.

I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful Queens take action to live a healthier active life for themselves and rock out at all of the classes provided at Destination Wellness.

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