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Jenny Kohler

Tabata Instructor

My Story

I'm Jenny Kohler. I go by Jenn, Jennayyyyyy (thank you Forrest Gump), or Hennifer (thank you TikTok chicken). I'm a Mom to 5 kiddos from age 23 to 9 so alllll the different stages of life. In 2020 I joined a gym for the very first time just to take classes with other women. I spent a year working on myself surrounded by so many amazing women. In 2021 I became an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I wanted to help others find themselves the way I found myself. My main focus for my clients is strength and toning with weight loss being an added bonus. I have a passion for powerlifting. There is something so incredibly empowering about picking up that heavy iron. It makes me feel invincible and in control.
Over the past two years I have continued my education and have earned the following certifications:
Specialist in Exercise Therapy
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Glute Specialist
Fitness Instructor
Group Exercise Instructor
Glute Specialist
I most recently earned the distinction of being an ISSA Master Trainer. I'm constantly furthering my education in order to help my clients in as many facets as possible.
I absolutely love what I do and I am very blessed to have met the wonderful people that I have. I have become close friends with so many people that I never would have met had it not been for the gym. I hope to inspire all of you the way I have been inspired by the women in my life.

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