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Cheryl Dupler

Certified Yoga Teacher

My Story

If the last few years has taught me anything, self expression is very important.

In a nutshell, I express myself through the many hats I wear as a mother, wife, student, teacher and friend. I also express myself individually as an introvert that loves to get out and socialize, but retreats soon after to recharge my batteries; as a comedian - not in a professional sense, but in a way that I love to make people laugh; and as an artist that has switched media throughout the years, but the intent of creating stays the same.

So what is my purpose? I want to help people find and express their true selves through the art of Yoga and the healing magic of sound baths. I say “art of Yoga,” because I believe Yoga is a form of Art. If Art is the highest form of self expression then Yoga is the path to reach that true expression of the self. Think of the body being a paint brush, yoga the paint and Universal consciousness as the canvas. Add a sprinkle of sound and more magic will happen. Whew, that’s deep.

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