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Brittini Hancock

Kickboxing Instructor

My Story

My name is Brittini Hancock. Mom of 2 and a fur baby but some of my friends call me Superwoman. 

All my life I have struggled with my weight and appearance. In 2014 I started Kickboxing when I had reached an all time low in life and high in weight (I was pushing 300 pounds) It grew into a passion and with a healthy diet I dropped 150 pounds. I was taken under the wings of the instructors at Impact and trained how to teach and design classes.

 In 2015 I took over teaching the Kickboxing class. Over the past 5 years I have developed it into a fun cardio dance fitness/kickboxing mashup class. So we have fun dancing but you are learning kickboxing too. And while I love what I do, the people I have met along this journey, I love even more. They really help keep me motivated when my tank is on empty. Watching people from all walks of life come together and have fun will never get old. 

I'm so excited to continue this journey and be a part of yours.

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