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Jess Nesse

Yoga Instructor

My Story

I discovered yoga 7 years ago while on the road to recovery from an accident that had left me with chronic back pain. Yoga quickly became an essential source of restoration as it opened up areas for healing and alleviated pain.


Not only was my physical health improving but I began to notice my mind and soul transforming through meditation and breath work. Yoga allowed me to release old narratives and negative energy no longer serving me, giving me the courage to step into a truer version of myself.


I have been liberated and am passionate to help other women find the same freedom I have experienced physically, mentally and spiritually!


Completing my 200hr training in the sacred Guatemalan jungle gave me the tools and knowledge to host transformative space for others. I am forever grateful to my teachers and my teacher’s teachers for passing down their wisdom from Bali to India and beyond.


For me, yoga is about slowing down the body, focusing on integrity of poses and building strength. In my classes you will feel the burn as we strengthen foundational muscles and discover new depths of release.

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