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Karissa Carpenter

500h ECYT Experienced Certified Yoga Instructor

My Story

Hey Girl! I’m Karissa Carpenter, 500h ECYT Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher, Mindset Mentor & Success Strategist. I own Namaste Soulful & Successful LLC that offers Body, Mind, Soul & Business Coaching Services, Creative Director of BRAVE - an online self paced course for humans of all ages that offers tools and techniques to become just that, BRAVE, in every aspect of your life and am the Co-Founder of Strong and Soulful Retreats. 

My purpose in this life is to inspire, mentor and coach the overwhelmed woman to ignite her internal spark to feel purpose and bring clarity back into her life. 

It is my hope that after working with me, you truly begin to live unapologetically in your authenticity in all area's of life.

To help you ignite your inner fire, I match my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University, 15 years of experience in strategic planning for the local government and 8 years as an entrepreneur. In addition, I hold certifications in Trauma Informed Care, Mindfulness, Mindset, Numerology and hold a Level 2 Reiki certification. 

The biggest lesson this life has taught me is that my past does define me, but the future is written by how I live in the present.  And I choose to live in this moment with YOU!

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